Expertly Manufactured Awning Windows

The awning window is one of the most popular styles of window today. At Palermo Joinery they are available with different bar configurations and can be adapted to many forms of window styles. Awning windows offer maximum glass area and can create a modern contemporary look or period style windows.

We have the expertise to manufacture period style windows incorporating awning type opening sashes. This gives our clients the aesthetic look they want to achieve with an economic advantage. Awning windows are ideal in situations where furniture or kitchen benches prevent easy access to the window.

Our awning windows can be left partly open during rainy, wet Melbourne days to allow continuous ventilation, while at the same time not letting in any of nature's undesirable elements. The awning window is the perfect style to allow you to take in the view while giving year-round ventilation.  Lockable chain-winders allow you to lock the awning sash in any position.

Why Choose Us for your Awning Windows

  • Can be fitted with standard, toughened or laminated glass and can be double glazed for energy efficiency
  • They are fitted with full window seals which reduce drafts and have superior weather seals fitted to internal sash rebates, which prevent air and water infiltration
  • We manufacture customised styles and sizes, which gives us the ability to adapt to all sizes by offering various sections.
  • We use solid timber sections  - no finger joins or veneers this allows for increased structural strength, stability and aesthetic beauty.
  • Our awning windows are corrosion resistant and have watertight dowel and scribed joints resulting in a longer lasting window.
  • The unique chain winder allows easy operation without interfering with insect/ security screens.