Professional Casement Window Manufacturers

By far one of the most popular products we offer is the casement window. Casement windows have been the most common window style for many years, suiting all kinds of properties both old and new. The sashes are connected to the frame with hinges at the side and open outwards. We adapt and use various forms of locking hardware.  From traditional period hardware to conventional catches and modern locking systems such as the "Truth" product range.  They are extremely popular because they work in any room within your home or commercial building.

A distinct advantage of our casement windows is the ability to allow you to control and direct the breeze into any particular area of your home. This is achievable by the unique 90° pivot stays or hinges. The hinges open partially centering the sash, capturing the breeze from any direction, therefore allowing you to maximise the breeze to your preference.

With half a century of experience working with casement windows, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. To ensure they fit in your environment, we utilise a range of hardware types, allowing us to choose the option that matches your surroundings. Casement windows are also very effective when using either double-glazing or low E-type glazing.

Why Choose Us for your Casement Windows

  • Heavy duty hinges to suit double glazed units.
  • Sash bulb seals to ensure complete weather proofing.
  • Our casement sash windows can be manufactured using friction stays for holding sash open. Note this will depend on sash size and weight of glass.
  • PALERMO JOINERY casement windows are corrosion resistant and have watertight  dowel and scribed joints resulting in a longer lasting window.
  • We manufacture using solid timber sections - no finger joins or veneers this allows for increased structural strength, stability and uncompromising beauty.
  • Opens to 90° for maximum ventilation
  • Our casement sashes can be manufactured to suit a wide range of glazing options, including Low E and Double Glazing for energy efficiency.
  • Our casement windows are also adaptable to any bar configuration.

As with all our range of windows and doors, we offer our expert and professional advice as to what will suit our customers' requirements and at the same time providing all products that  structurally  will operate correctly and with longevity.