Innovative Energy Efficient Glass

Sustainability of our environment is now very much a large part of our everyday lives. This leads into “Energy Efficient” products.

At Palermo Joinery the use of sustainable timber goes hand in hand with the implementation of energy efficient glazing.  Our windows and doors are manufactured to enhance the energy efficiency output of your home.

We are able to supply our customers with the products they want for their individual tastes, and also provide the energy efficiency qualities to suit their permit requirements.

Energy Efficient windows help to keep the heat OUT in the summer and IN during the Winter, keeping your property at a comfortable temperature all year round. This decreases the need for artificial heating and cooling in your home, saving you costs on energy bills.

We don't just stop at energy efficient glazing; we care for the environment and ensure we use eco-friendly sustainable Australian timber and products in the manufacture of our windows and doors. The energy efficiency of your home or commercial building is heightened using windows and doors manufactured in timber and not aluminium.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows


  • The building will be more comfortable than if standard glass were used, keeping it significantly warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Drafts and condensation are reduced, making windows easier to maintain.
  • Sound pollution from outside is seriously reduced, lowering any traffic or other noise you hear outside your property.

Lower Costs and Lower Emissions

  • It’s a better investment to spend money on an energy efficiency solution than to pay excessive heating and cooling bills.
  • Heating and cooling make up the largest proportion of energy use in the home with 38%.
  • Reduces the load on heating and cooling units, making a 30% smaller air conditioning unit just as effective.
  • You don’t need to pay for expensive, insulating curtains and drapes.
  • You’re doing your bit for the environment by lowering the emissions of your home.

Design Freedom

  • Energy efficient glass allows you to have large windows without worrying about the amount of heat that would be allowed in or out of your home.
  • The natural light makes the home feel brighter.
  • Large, energy efficient windows blend the space between inside and out, creating an incredibly spacious atmosphere.