High Quality Double Hung Windows

We offer an excellent range of double hung timber windows in a range of materials and designs. We can provide double hung windows in weights and cords, opposable rope, as well as sash balances and jamb liners, and can replicate any window style including all forms of period detail styles.

The timeless character of the double hung window has made it one of the most popular window choices available. Ideal for both traditional and contemporary homes, our timber double hung windows provide the ultimate in ventilation control allowing you to direct air through the top, bottom, or both sashes together.  This allows circular ventilation – both sashes opening.  Cool air can enter through the bottom opening, hot air escapes through the top opening. Our timber double hung window is also available as a single hung window – one fixed sash and another sash that slides up or down.

At Palermo Joinery we can replace your old timber spiral balance windows with the new more energy efficient “Jamb Liner” system.  We can replicate your old traditional “weights & cords” windows with new windows to match your existing ones but much improved and of course “energy efficient” by incorporating Low “E” glazing or Double-Glazing and weather seals.

Counterbalance ropes or weights and cords, enhance the character of your home and offer traditional style with ease of operation and are ideal for heavy double-glazing double hung windows.

Why Choose Us for your Double Hung Windows

Our double hung windows come complete with:

  • Keyed locks for added security,
  • Concealed weather seals in frames and staff beads
  • Single or double hung sashes

Our double-hung windows can be manufactured with smooth glide counterbalances, using cord and pulley system, traditional weights and cords, jamb liner or spiral balance systems.

  • We use solid timber sections – no finger joins or veneers. This provides increased structural strength and stability and uncompromising beauty.
  • Our heavier timber sections provide increased structural strength, stability and aesthetic beauty.
  • Aluminium or timber insect screens to the external of the windows are available.
  • We offer square or rounded timber staff beads.
  • We manufacture with bull nose, federation, or lambs tongue sash horns to internal or external, or any type of horns to match your existing windows.
  • Our double hung windows are corrosion resistant and have watertight dowel and scribed joints resulting in a longer lasting window.
  • We use frame to sash compression seals which prevent air and water infiltration.