Sliding Doors to Suit any Style

Sliding doors give a contemporary edge to any property. The minimalist, space-saving design creates a modern finish that works in a range of different settings. Whether it’s the door to your back garden or the entrance to your shop, sliding doors can help to create an open, airy, and welcoming atmosphere while providing convenient, easy access.

We have over 50 years’ experience with sliding doors.  We have seen first-hand how the popularity of certain styles has changed. While some solutions fade out, others have sudden surges in popularity and demand. We have seen various styles come and go, but one option that has always been prominent is the Sliding Door.

Our timber sliding door has been designed to provide superior space saving functionality while enjoying unobstructed views and showcasing the beauty of natural timber.

Available in a wide range of door combinations to suit various applications and your individual and specific requirements. We can manufacture our sliding doors to suit a wide range of glazing options including Double Glazing and Low E Glass for energy Efficiency. We can also configure our sliding doors to any type of colonial or federation glazing bars.

The Sliding Door Experts

As with all our windows and doors, we use solid timber sections – no finger joins or veneers, this provides increased structural strength and stability with uncompromising beauty.

Our sliding doors are assembled with scribed and dowelled joints using superior external weather resistant glue.  This allows corrosion resistance and water-tight joints resulting in a longer lasting door unit. We also use heavy duty adjustable rollers for all our doors.  These are ideal for double glazed doors allowing ease of operation and years of reliable service.

Why Choose Us for your new Sliding Doors

  • We use heavy duty adjustable rollers for all our sliding doors, including double glazed, thus ensuring easy and smooth operation.
  • Sliding doors manufactured by Palermo Joinery are available with options such as large expanses of glass, timber panels or a variety of glazing bar configurations.
  • All our sliding doors can be fitted with toughened, laminated, Low E type glass, or double glazed for energy efficiency.