High Quality Bi Fold Doors

At Palermo Joinery, we offer a comprehensive range of bi-fold doors throughout Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Our bi-fold doors allow you to concertina the doors open to create a large opening onto your outdoor area. This is a perfect option for blending the space between inside and out. 

Our high-quality timber bi-fold doors will be the focal area of your home. Highlighting the beauty and warmth of natural timber while also providing sleek performance and stability, showcasing elegance and quality. When closed, our timber bi-fold doors allow an abundance of natural light into your home with easy accessibility through an operating door. When all the doors are open (and folded away) it allows the outside to come inside providing fresh ventilation and clear unobstructed views.

We don’t just service residential properties: our bi-fold doors suit all kinds of applications. They can be installed in restaurants and bars to connect the interior with an outside seating area or simply to create a fresher atmosphere and greater space. 

Bi Fold Door Experts

Our professional team have over 50 years’ experience in the industry. This gives us a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  We manufacture our bi-fold doors using the best quality hardware and tracking system, this ensures that you get a bi-fold door unit that will last many years.  Our bi-fold doors come fully fitted with premium quality stainless steel tracks and hardware.

We only manufacture the best quality bi fold doors

We use solid timber sections – no finger joins or veneers. This provides increased structural strength and stability and uncompromising beauty.  

Select timber allows qualify surface finish for superior stain or paint finish by your painter. Drop bolts fitted to bottom of doors come as standard, these are available keyed if requested.

We use a fully enclosed timber pelmet section housing the top track.  A top hung roller operation provides less weight on sill for smooth and easy operation.  "BRIO" tracks and hardware creates a superior operative bi-fold unit.

The superior weather seals we use for the internal frame rebates/stops and on door to door joins, help to prevent air and water infiltration.

Our Bi-Fold doors are available in various configurations and glazing bar options to suit your personal taste and requirements.

All our bifold doors are assembled with scribed and dowelled joints using superior external weather resistant glue.  This allows corrosion resistance and water-tight joints resulting in longer lasting doors and frame.

The majority of our bifold door units have the doors opening out, we can also manufacture with doors opening in if this is what your project requires.