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At Palermo Joinery we supply a diverse range of quality timber windows. We manufacture to order and bring the most detailed and intricate styles to life with the ability to replicate any style so that you can be assured that your new windows will be the perfect fit for your home.

We provide double hung windows in weights and cords, opposable ropes, as well as sash balances and jamb liners, and can replicate any window style including Federation and Heritage projects.

Timber is forty times more energy efficient than aluminium making timber the obvious choice for your home in the pursuit of energy conservation. PALERMO JOINERY manufactures windows and doors using high quality Australian timber which is environmentally responsible. We also offer an excellent range of energy efficient glazing solutions, including double glazing for our environmentally conscious clients.

Timber Windows enhance the facade of your home and can reflect your personal sense of style. A magnificent addition to your home, they provide a great look along with increased energy efficiency. First impressions are important, and the facade of your home is no exception.

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We’ve completed many gorgeous and unique timber windows through the years and we want to share these projects with you. 

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The types of windows we create

Why Choose Us for your Timber Custom Made Windows

We supply a large range of solid timber windows and manufacture to order, bringing the most detailed and intricate styles to life with the ability to replicate any style - whether modern or more traditional.

At Palermo Joinery we take pride in delivering a superior product at a competitive price. We are committed to manufacturing high quality windows with our assembly process and component strength of our products being unsurpassed.  We use eco-friendly 100% Australian Hardwood solid timber sections  - no finger joins or veneers. Our sills are made from Merbau, ensuring long lasting durability and strength. This provides increased structural stability and uncompromising beauty.

No matter what style you're looking for, your new timber windows are sure to stand the test of time with quality custom made windows from Palermo Joinery.